Winston churchill on dating

Today, a flotilla of ships will sail down the River Thames to mark the 50th anniversary of the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill.

“Hess or no Hess, I'm going to watch the Marx Brothers.” - during an air raid, May 11 1941, Ditchley Park.

Boris Johnson recently spoke of the great man’s “long, orotund, bombastic Churchillian circumlocutions” while also pointing out his “short Anglo Saxon zingers” and “primal language”.

Meanwhile Richard Toye, in his book 'The Roar of Lion', revealed that Churchill’s wartime speeches were actually met with criticism from the British public and were perhaps better received abroad, particularly in the United States.

And here's some of his classic moments: “This war effort could not have been achieved if the women had not marched forward in millions and undertaken all kinds of tasks and work for which any other generation but our own ...

would have considered them unfitted; work in the fields, heavy work in the foundries and in the shops, very refined work on radio and precision instruments, work in the hospitals, responsible clerical work of all kinds, work throughout the munitions factories, work in the mixed batteries ...

If a graph were drawn tracing the rise and fall of the Third Reich, the downward curve would begin soon after Churchill’s assumption of power in Britain.


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