Who is frank ocean dating 2016

He announces the new development and reveals his handle via, again, a Tumblr post (naturally): "SNAPCHAT: AREALGLITTERBOY will shine and shine and shine." July 31, 2015: Frank's younger brother Ryan makes the trolling a family affair when he posts the original hype-inducing image on a now-deleted Instagram account, claims that the album is "finally out!

," and that the i Tunes link listed in his bio will lead us to the Promise Land.

has not been confirmed, the singer posted an image of a library due date card with a series of dates listed – including a smudged July 2016 date.

The page’s HTML code shows that the name of the new post is "Late."Alleged Frank Ocean Song Snippet Surfaces From ' Secretive Listening' Session Curiously, the card lists the future date of Nov. points out that some fans have speculated the November date could be for a magazine following the album’s release.

Here's the back story: In 2012, Ocean released his critically acclaimed album "Channel Orange." The New Orleans native, who was born Christopher Edwin Breaux, was hailed as the next big thing in hip hop and R&B.

But "Channel Orange" and the single "Thinkin Bout You" marked Ocean as a solo artist on the rise.

and he makes sure to pen a caption that includes some now-deleted hashtags-turned-lies, complete with a release date and everything: "I got two versions.

I got twooo versions…#ISSUE1 #ALBUM3 #JULY2015 #BOYSDONTCRY." May 1, 2015: Frank creates a Snapchat account.

The moment it spots that the new Ocean album has gone online, it will automatically send a text with the link for the album to all who have the app.

Every song speaks differently to each person; this does not negate the beauty of the song. When we start looking into it, through his lyrics, it becomes clearer that he identifies as bisexual.

Many of our fellow humans seem to put bisexuality down, saying things like 'can't they just choose?

It all comes through in his song "Thinking About You" which you can hit play on below.


There is no denying that Frank Ocean is part of the LGBTQ community... Can we use it to learn, to grow, to challenge our own limiting belief systems? Let's embrace the intricacies of humanity the same way we do the numerous musical genres.

Ocean’s website then re-posted a library card with the date November 13, 2016 on it.



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