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Note that for a Smith that wishes to one day craft his own equipment, you will want to have the following skills: Blacksmithy, Arms Lore, and Mining.

Arms Lore gives bonuses to exceptionally made items in addition to the normal Exceptional Bonus; Mining is needed mining the raw material you will craft with*.

I haven't played any of the modern games (Ultima Online, Wo W etc) though but they do look interesting so maybe I will give them a try in the future. I used to play html chatting roleplays based on WW ..that was like 4 yrs ago. Started out with a game called spellbinder, then Everquest, Dark Ages of Camelot, then back to Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, beta tested matrix online (yuck), then ended my MMORPG career with Wo W.

I have also tried a "classic" role playing game called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd edition) using dice, paper sheets and pencils, and it was pretty fun too.

For a crafter that probably won’t see much combat, Tinkering and Tailoring are good additional skills, plus one skill to enable easy travel.

Back in Houston, Texas in 1977, a 17-year-old nerd is putting the finishing touches on the 28th version of his pet project. Tolkien into a fantasy adventure of knightly questing against foul dungeon-dwelling monsters.

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One is fantasy based, and the other is based on some books by John Norman. I play UO on dialup, so there are some stuff that are beyond my "powers." But, I've still managed to GM several characters, and I find it's a great escape from reality. So many new worlds, so many new advances for characters, and so many changes it's hard to keep up!

The following guides are an introduction to the skill as it currently stands, and how to become successful in its use.

At some point you will wish to repair your armor, weapons and shields yourself, instead of having someone else do it for you, or instead of having to purchase Repair Deeds.

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