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I am a male with low vision and for me, dating is just dating.

I have had my fair share of rejections from women who didn't wan to to date me because I did't drive a care, oh well. Love to know your thoughts Low Vision Guy De Marco Hi all; Not sure if this thread is still active or not, but Wanted to address the guy who said women want 'Alpha' men. I prefer a guy who is himself, who doesn't try to be someone he's not.

Start by conditioning yourself to talk to random strangers, whether men or women.

By striking up conversations with people in public, you’ll be putting yourself in a position to meet others naturally.

You’ll also be able to practice dealing with your nerves.

At a coffee shop (or any shopping/restaurant scenario), if there’s someone nearby, all you have to do is make an observation. I didn’t know people still had real books…” or almost anything else.

Our goal is to provide a non-threatening, safe and sleaze-free support and advice forum for bi and bicurious women exploring their bisexual desires.

Perhaps struggling to come to terms with strange feelings towards other women ?

Curious, why not people in your area, why not someone sighted, etc?The basic premise behind this idea is related to exposure therapy.You condition yourself in small increments to the thing you fear to overcome that fear.Turns out, anything that I'm bad at, was because I was bad at it, nothing to do with being totally blind.


I wrestled from 3rd grade through college, I added sculling in college, and always competed against sighted people being a starter in both sports.

We've set up this website just for you, because we've been there too.


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    We’re both entrepreneurs who understand there are bigger things in life than just a single date, or a one-night stand.

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    Have a spate of questions arisen in your mind regarding your philosophical Sagittarius partner?

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