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We provide services to our international students, postdoctoral scholars, staff and visitors, including information regarding eligibility for immigration sponsorship by SBP, pre-arrival information to assist with adjusting to life in the U. Both TN and E-3 status can be renewed indefinitely as long as the person matintains their employment and non-immigrant intent in the U. To maintain non-immigrant status, a person in TN or E-3 status must maintain full-time employment with their TN employer and depart the U. on or before the date specified, or have applied to USCIS (U. immigration) to extend/or change their non-immigrant status before that date. H-1B status may be valid for up to 3 years and renewed for an additional 3 years at the employer's request. At the end of a person's H-1B employment, unlike other immigration categories, H-1B status unfortunately does not allow for a "grace period" to depart the U. This 10 day grace period is to prepare to depart the U. Customs Officer at the port-of-entry may at their discretion limit a person's stay in the U. S., as well as up-to-date information on how to maintain immigration status while at SBP. S.; the regulations governing H-1B status require a person to either depart the U. by their last day of their H-1B employment or before the end of their employment have filed to change their non-immigrant status with USCIS (U. S.; during this time the H-1B employee is not authorized to continue working.


When the immigration documents needed for the visa application and entry to the U. are sent to the incoming scholar/visitor, they will include an International Student/Scholar Handbook, which includes specific pre-arrival information on applying for a visa and entering the U. as well as information to assist with settling into life in the U. The Handbook includes information on: On arriving into the U. in TN status, or an Australian citizen entering the U.

You are free to cancel or terminate your SBP election from the 25th month through the 36th month - or the third year - of your retirement.


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