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But then, you wrote that you set the data source of the scheduler. If the Auto Reload property is set to false, data is not automatically loaded and reloaded from the data source. Refresh Data method, to manually reload data in this case.

If you set the data source, the scheduler works in bound mode. Also, please review the How to bind the Scheduler Control to a collection of custom objects (ID: E750) code example, that illustrates how to use the custom objects as a scheduler data source.

Add(bill Goal Param)Dim util Goal Param As Sql Parameter = New Sql Parameter("@utilization_goal", Sql Db Type.

Add(util Goal Param)Dim param As Sql Parameter = updt Cmd.

For example, say that your Data Grid View is initially filled with some data.

When you request sorting of a column, the Data Grid View control will communicate that intention to the Binding Source, which in turn communicates that intention to the data source.

You will need to use a database; either a SQL Server or an Access database will work.




They didn't appear to have any effect (Filter still doesn't work after editing the data in the DGV). Hi Louis, I'm afraid I can't find an appropriate solution to your problem without additional information.


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