Moon bloodgood dating


After all, she's a gorgeous, totally eligible woman!

began airing in June and features a pregnancy for Moon’s character, Dr.

She then made her appearance as Livia Beale in 2007 in an American science fiction TV series known as Journeyman on NBC.

In addition to that, she also had the role in a movie called Street Fighter: the legend of Chun-Li that opened in February of the year 2009.

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We were able to discuss Moon’s background and entertainment career and are pleased to present this interview. I was born in Nebraska and was there until I was about two and a half.

I came to southern California after that and was primarily raised there.

In an interesting coincidence where life imitates art, Moon discovered that she was pregnant shortly after season two had concluded. Glass, in real-life, Moon and her husband welcomed their baby daughter at the end of 2012.

My sister was born in Korea and then I was born in Nebraska.


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