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Many Slovaks also like talking about the history and events of the communist era.

Due to the peculiarity of this era, people have many extraordinary stories to tell.

Their passports were taken away, they were forced to open bank accounts, and they were paid pocket money during three years of exploitation.“There were four of us in one room,” said one victim, Frantisek Ruzicka, 44, in a video statement released by police.

“I would wake up at 3am and you are being eaten alive by these flat beetles. At 6am, you are supposed to be getting up and going to work.“I was working in a flower factory and you have bites all over the place and you want to scratch yourself but you can’t.

The itching was terrible, I really couldn’t cope.”Marek Marcin, 40, slapped one of the men around the face when he complained about his treatment, Derby Crown Court was told.

He and his brother Igor, 36, – who received the longest jail term of just over four years – both admitted immigration offences at an earlier hearing.


Perhaps you should be slightly careful talking about the Czechs in an overly positive way and comparing Slovaks to them.

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