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“I think at the heart of it, the songs that I was writing were for myself and then I ultimately played them for a couple people,” explained Sutherland.“And those people were the ones that really said, ‘No, you should record that song and you should actually try to put it out.’ And that was its own kind of discussion down the line.” Sutherland also revealed: "But when I sat down to write the songs, I think there was a lot of stuff kind of in my 40s that I was trying to come to terms with and stuff that I kind of maybe not dealt with from my early 20s." KIEFER SUTHERLAND RELEASES DEBUT ALBUM There is one track from Sutherland’s collection of 11 songs that details one of the greatest pains of his youth.“You know, there’s one song on the record called ‘Calling Out Your Name,’ which was about a personal breakup and I think probably the first time in my life where my heart really got broken,” he said.“And over time, you realize how young you were and how young the other person was and I guess I was just trying to put it to rest," he added. And I realized, looking back, that there were so many factors…The pair, who met on the set of the 1990 film “Flatliners,” were set to tie the knot, but just two days before she was slated to walk down the aisle and say “I do,” Roberts called off the high-profiled wedding, taking Hollywood by surprise and immediately stirring headlines.Page Six reported Tuesday that the 50-year-old actor has been dating actress Cindy Vela “under the radar for years.” Sources told the publication Sutherland and Vela have been an item about three years.And that wasn’t the first time Sutherland faced romantic woes.

The 38-year-old actress is reportedly traveling on tour with Sutherland and his band in Europe.That's because according to a Fifth Harmony should know better!


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