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Both Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais have returned to pen this revival, bringing along the warmth, wit, and prison lingo that was a staple of the original three-series run.Just one of many planned sitcom reboots on the BBC this year, marking 60 years of TV comedy, this Porridge special will hopefully appease fans that have been waiting for a revival since a mockumentary follow-up in 2003.Here are some photos of Rebel Wilson at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Tuesday night. I guess it’s possible they could just be friends, but I think that the hand-holding means they’ve gotten to second base at least. The Aussie star, who won the Film Actress prize at GLAMOUR Women Of The Year awards yesterday, spoke to us backstage after she collected the accolade. Before I became Film Actress Of The Year, I did a television episode with her.After the awards, she and a “friend” went to the Groucho Club and left hand-in-hand. His name is Kevin Bishop, and they’re costarring together in Super Fun Night, Rebel’s new sitcom. She thought I was one of the caterers, she didn’t know I was an actress! ’” Joan Collins was tasked with presenting the Presenter award to Clare Balding. "I said, 'I want my country back' - and what I'm saying today is, 'I want my life back!'"Nigel Farage has already been much-ridiculed for his bolshy sign-off as UKIP leader - but now BBC Two and Kevin Bishop are about to "In tone, I would liken it to something like Partridge - and I think Nigel Farage lends himself to that Partridge world quite well," Bishop told Digital Spy."Don't get me wrong, we don't pull any punches as far as the political satire is concerned.The Crown Law Office has decided not to appeal a judge’s decision to throw out a high-profile fraud case that took more than four years to bring to trial.Last month, Ontario Superior court Justice Kevin Phillips ruled that the case took much too long — 51 months — to reach the trial stage.


My character is a bit of a loser, Kris' character is very acerbic, and we began to live them when we weren't working. Kris is a bit older than me, he's 40, I'm 32 this year. That's where the precision of the job comes into play.Classic British sitcom Porridge is back – but not as you know it.Fletch is back to revel in the little victories in a new one-off special with a 21st Century twist. We can't blame Kevin for not being able to resist her obvious charm.

Just after Rebel made a fashionable appearance at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards, she was spotted hand-in-hand with her uber HOT co-star Kevin Bishop.It’s not Norman Fletcher this time around, but Nigel – his grandson.


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