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Christianity in Iraq is going through one of its worst and hardest stages of its long history, which dates back to the first century.

Throughout all these long centuries, we have experienced many hardships and persecutions, offering caravans of martyrs.

And as a newspaper reporter covering the tail end of the war, I now had no way to file my stories. With a circulation of about 50,000, it’s designed to be a community newspaper read by the sailors in the active fleet.

During the war, our goal was the same as all the other media outlets: to cover the war and tell individual stories. Our reporters had been assigned to the Kitty Hawk and Constellation, which were among five Navy aircraft carriers deployed to the region.

In the past year, more than 125, 000 Christians have been forced to flee from their villages — merely because they chose to remain Christians and refused the conditions ISIS imposed.

They had to leave at night, under the cover of darkness.

Each respondent was given a card depicting six styles of women’s headdress and asked to choose the woman most appropriately outfitted for a public place.

Of course, having dinner with the Taliban (accidentally), winding up at US Customs with a bullet in your pocket, or having militants steal your car make for compelling content.It was hot out, and I didn’t know how long I’d be going without water, so I took the bottle. We motored across the river to the cement pier, which was about 10 feet over our heads.It was looking like a difficult chore to pass all my gear down the ladder to the Coast Guard sailor bobbing along in the boat, and then get myself down there with any degree of ease. I took the bottle and zipped it into an open compartment in the bag holding my laptop computer. After one sailor standing on the pier tied a rope to my bag and hauled it up the side of the wall, I heard a dull crack as it slammed against the cement.Before World War II, we were victims of acts of genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Turks during the Massacre of Seifo in 1915 and the Massacre of Semele in 1933 at the hands of the Iraqi army.

During the Kurdish Uprising in 1961 and the Soriah Uprising in 1969, many of us were forcibly evicted from our villages and towns, and resettled in Baghdad and Mosul.

Along with those posts, Earl has written a host of others with good information on traveling to Iraq.


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