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I know he’s usually attracted to much smaller girls.

A guy has expressed serious romantic interest in me.

I also liked the depiction of Stuart as a guy Penny might like.

There are, in fact, guys who hang out at (or work in) comic book stores who aren't as socially inept as our heroes (or Captain Sweatpants); they're just normal, sometimes even charming, people who just happen to dig illustrated stories about short Canadians with adamantium claws.

A cold-hearted Tinder user purposely connected with a woman on the dating app — just so he could tell her how unattractive he thinks she is. However, the guy refused to take the hint, and not only did he continue to body shame her, he insisted that he is obviously out of her league. You are out of my league,' he wrote, prompting her to note that she is out of his league because she treats people kindly regardless of what they look like.

The online troll, who is only identified as a 23-year-old named Connor, cruelly taunted an unnamed girl during their Tinder exchanges, telling her that he was out of her league while body shaming her. After she called him a 'jacka**', Connor went on to insinuate that he had the right to speak to her that way because she swiped right on his profile, asking: 'Did you think you could ever get a chance with me?

My only disappointment was how the episode's climax undercut that by having Stuart be completely oblivious about the true meaning of Penny's "coffee" invitation.

And Mc Dermott recommends steering clear of people who don’t have kids but use undue space in their profile soliciting information about the age and sex of your children.As always, I have to give the "Big Bang" writers (in this case, David Goetsch) credit for getting the geek details right.



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