Demi moore dating rumer willis ex cynthia kirchner dating

Their three daughters are all well into adulthood – there really is no reason for them to be in constant contact with each other.

Then again, we all know how Demi gets down – and Emma shouldn’t be worried considering his ex has a thing for younger men and Bruce just turned 60!

Refresh your memory, and ch-ch-check out a slew of other pregnancy photo shoots (below)!

Demi and Bruce divorced back in 1998 but have always been the best of friends and never had a bad thing to say about each other, but apparently Emma is tired of sharing her husband with his ex!

Directly thereafter (or, according to some reports, as early as 1999), Demi started dating martial arts instructor Oliver Whitcomb, who was seven years her junior.

Demi Moore was banned from her ex-husband Bruce Willis’s 60th birthday party by his new wife Emma Heming.

While daughter Rumer Willis has been seeing the hope of a new future opening up before her, it seems Demi Moore has been at the other end of the spectrum. Moore has been feeling the frustrations of dating and of maintaining healthy relationships with members of the opposite sex.

Feeling understandably frustrated by the failure of three marriages, Demi has “given up on men,” according to those close to Ms. At 18-years-old, Demi entered into her first marriage with rock musician Freddy Moore in 1980, but that marriage only lasted four years. Willis remained together for 11 years, having three children together (Rumer, Tallulah Belle, and Scout La Rue), before they divorced in 2000.Do you think that is was unfair of Bruce’s wife to ban Demi from his birthday party?


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