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Delta Air Lines partnered with dating app, Tinder so that NYC singles can take selfies for their dating profiles looking like attractive jet setters.

As it turns out, singles with photos of travel in their profiles are more likely to be swiped right.

Together, on June 17, Delta and Tinder with will hold a singles event which will offer attendees the opportunity to have their photo taken next to the wall by a professional photographer.

You can read more about the Delta Dating Wall here.


Beyond the appeal of a travel-based picture, Delta and Tinder have added more fun components.

Strategy Delta, with the help of PR partner, DKC, and ad AOR, Wieden Kennedy, began planning for the campaign in March 2017.

The idea was inspired by the popularity of dating apps and Delta's desire to create an appealing platform for consumers to engage with the brand, specifically in the New York market.

You wish you were in front of the leaning tower of Pisa or a red phone booth, anything to show that you're as cultured and fun as you feel.

Unfortunately, the only place you seem to spend time these days is the inside of an office.Here's a situation you've probably found yourself in: You're setting up your online dating profile, and it's time to choose your pictures.


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