Dating pet names

If this is the kind of impression you’re happy having your other half associate you with, then no issue is to be had.

If, however, you’ve mistakenly thought that this term is a modern, hip, and happening variety of the usual kind of pet name, then I really have to put you in the picture.

Pet names are terms *usually, but not always* restricted to a single word that would be considered over-familiar and/or a bit soppy in a wider context.

I used to call my ex-boyfriend “boo,” and was fine with it until one Christmas at his parents house, when I discovered that that was what his mother called him — suddenly, “boo” was weirdly inappropriate.

You want to choose the right pet name, one that’s appropriate for the place your relationship is at. Read on for a field guide to relationship pet names.

The evidence that’s out there is largely based on a smattering of surveys, which didn’t capture an entirely representative sample of forms of love.

Part of the fun of starting a relationship is the shared discovery of the things that make you tick as a unit.It indicates a lack of respect for you and your intelligence, shows that they see your relationship as very much a temporary tryst, and they would probably jump into bed with your best friend without a moment’s hesitation.


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