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Cambodians are very similar with Thais and many Khmer-girls working in Thailand as a bar girls.

If you ask the girls that working in the bars in Thailand many of them they will tell you that are Khner.

We wish you much luck in your search for beautiful Thai girls and as they say in Thai “Chok Dee Mak Mak” which means good luck. We on wish all Thai Girls and all guys Happy New Year and we wish you all that 2017 will Give you guys and Girls Luck and that you will find real love. I am a Single Thai Girl and I live in Surin with a friend in her apartment.

And if you looking for a Boyfriend or Girlfriend have a look on the list of the best dating online that we know. I come from a small village not far away to the border off Cambodia.

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In Sihanouk Village you will find a lot of Girls on Victory hill, serendipity beach and downtown that are a lot of girly bars.

For in-depth info on Cambodia’s prostitution scene, where to go, prices ( – ), and staying safe, check out my First Trip to Cambodia ebook. She was quite the character and you never knew what you were gonna get from her. Other nights she would be a huge bitch or cause some kind of i go to this bar called “freelancers” it used to be called freedom but they made them change the name (who they is im not sure, but someone did) so they just called it the logical thing because its a bar full of freelancersi hate places like this so stalled all night before going, finally show up and go sit down, hot girl comes up to me (hottest one in the place i later realize) she like hey im like hey…..


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