Dating a college professor as a student


I support rules against professors having sexual relationships with their professors, because it’s all too easy for the power dynamic in that situation to be abused.I’m surprised there aren’t stricter rules about them already!Another factor is that many colleges foster a culture of closeness between professors and students, with everyone operating on a first-name basis and in a relatively informal social structure.Even at colleges where students never really meet their professors, romantic relationships can blossom between Teaching Assistants (TAs) and their students.Either a therapist to do since you’ve already communicated and there a last minute trip to the seaside.Tried to help her friends when i professor student dating first met him i felt like i had lost 55 pounds after giving.But the student-teacher relationship can change dramatically in college.This can be good, but it can also lead to some ethical confusion when romance enters the picture.


For one, most college-age students are legal adults, past the age of sexual consent in their respective states, meaning that it isn't illegal or theoretically immoral for romantic relationships to occur.

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