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One positive finding from our survey is that consumers of telecommunications services are becoming more savvy negotiators.Four out of 10 respondents attempted to bargain with their service providers.Telecommunications services in America are in the midst of a major upheaval, and troubling signs are on the horizon for consumers.Customers increasingly prize broadband Internet as the most important information pipeline coming into their home. FCC federal court decision threw out the FCC’s Open Internet rules.(READ: Duterte's tax reform: More take-home pay, higher fuel and auto taxes) The House passed the first batch of tax reforms under Duterte, with some amendments to Malacañang’s version. Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez earlier slammed the Department of Transportation for being “uncooperative,” as it has yet to give concrete plans.Under the rules, tax measures should emanate from the House before they are transmitted to the Senate. The House transportation panel approved the bill granting “special” powers to the President but it has yet to start debates on the measure.


If you’re in that kind of situation, there’s a good chance your debt will grow faster than you can pay it off.Which is why a consolidation loan can often prove to be a better option: it may allow you to get a lower interest rate, which would save you money over the long-run.


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