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I know that, it's the very point of my question. A camcorder is used for recording and for collecting video. What I'm asking is if there is a type of camera that does this simply?What I want is very basic, an analog webcam if you will. @burnso A camcorder can also send live video directly to a monitor.To get to VGA you will need a converter which you can get for about .A web cam is digital and designed to output a stream and be controlled over USB, it outputs a digital feed, you will need something to translate that to an analog feed that the VGA monitor can understand.You might ask who will be interested in that, but let us inform you that first of all other ladies who are having their chance to make a blowjob for their boyfriends, who can learn some techniques of doing that and please their lover. Straight boys can watch and remember how it's performed, so to retell their girlfriend and try to repeat at home while they are secluded.


My plan will clarify our laws so they can continue to protect our deer population and make sure only those who intentionally break them are punished.” Meadows’ plan will exclude residents who engage in “incidental feeding” from prosecution.Under current Michigan law, residents are prohibited from providing food for deer and elk to prevent wildlife from congregating and potentially spreading disease.


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