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A Fox News reporter has live-tweeted the first meeting of a couple in a cute, but slightly creepy way.FOX23’s Martina Del Bonta entertained herself while waiting for her delayed flight from Phoenix to Tulsa by documenting what happened when a guy chatted up a girl.This view states that prisons are essentially "psychological deep freezes", in that offenders enter prison with a set of antisocial attitudes and behaviours which are little changed during incarceration.This perspective also suggests that lower risk offenders may be more adversely affected by greater lengths of incarceration through exposure to an environment typically dominated by their higher risk, more hard core peers.The Warriors potential second round opponents are the Los Angeles Clippers and Utah Jazz.Chris Paul and have to play the rest of their season without Blake Griffin, and the Stifle Tower and French Rejection, Rudy Gobert, and solid power forward, Derrick Favors, are beat up.Filipino cultural performances, cuisine and entertainment accompanied the unveiling.


Playing inspired ball for their physically weakened head coach and welcoming Kevin Durant back into the starting lineup, the Warriors did something they hadn’t done since the first round of the 2015 NBA playoffs, which is sweeping a series, the third such time that’s happened in franchise history.After Greg Papa sent Derek Papa and I a text midway through the Warriors bludgeoning the Blazers into an abrupt offseason, reading “Fo, Fo, Fo, Fo,” I began to wonder if it that was farfetched or crazy to sweep more series in one postseason then they had in the history of the franchise.After giving it some thought, I don’t think I’m asinine to think that could run through the playoffs unscathed.Tweeting with #ORUSingle – relating to the school the pair both go to – she followed what happened between them all the way to baggage claim in Tulsa.

She even bought Wi Fi on her plane so she could continue her updates.One wrote: ‘Can’t even have a private conversation these days without someone tweeting about it.’ And another wrote: ‘Invasive and creepy!


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