Are josh ramsay and amanda mcewan dating

But the fan would have to like him for his personality not his good looks. The guy is busy but if we really love him and want to date him.

He said in an interview he would most likely fall in love with a fan. Lol And she would also have to understand his secdule. It will still take a couple of years but hey I like.

I mean lets look at the proof here; he doesn't tweet about Amanda anymore, You never see pictures of them together anymore, She's never on tour with them ANYMORE, he allways says that he's single in interviews now, and he always says "thats why we keep casting love stories in our videos, because I can not get a girl any other way." Amanda and him did date for a LONG time, but, I mean, look at the evidance here, sweethearts. CT CONNECTICUT, md maryland va virginia, ia iowa, AZ ARIZONA MS MISSISSIPPI, ms mississippi, VA VIRGINIA, in indiana Louisiana , AR ARKANSAS, Michigan , NC NORTH CAROLINA, sc south carolina, Oregon, Washington , MT MONTANA, SD SOUTH DAKOTA, vt vermont, OR OREGON Texas , id idaho, New Hampshire , sd south dakota, UT UTAH, Wyoming, nj new jersey, az arizona, NM NEW MEXICO Maine , Nevada , ca california, nc north carolina, Missouri , ID IDAHO, CA CALIFORNIA, wy wyoming. Jayne Karl NEEDY, Shawn, RADONA, KNAPKE, ALGEO, Harris, Gail DIFELICE, LOTHROP, S.


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    I can only offer my experience as being the HIV-negative half of a serodiscordant relationship (i.e., a relationship where one person is HIV- and one is HIV ).

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