Amber portwood dating child molestor

It would explain a lot of her recent weight loss too, but her brother insists she’s not on anything. ’s story, which has Amber’s brother making her out to be this misunderstood person who is the product of a bad childhood: For the past two weeks, every time teen mom Amber Portwoods baby, Leah, saw a young woman with brown hair, she called her “Mommy.” “Leah would look around and say ‘Amber, Amber, Mommy, Mommy’,” Andrew Swan, the best friend of the baby’s father, Gary Shirley, tells OK! 19 – swooped in to reclaim her child, spending Halloween with the tot and informing her ex Gary that she was ready to do what it takes to get her life together and find a safe new home for Leah.

In fact, Amber believes she can do a better job than her ex when it comes to raising Leah, a source tells OK!

But from what we know, a US tabloid exposed that Hank was having an affair with a transgender woman while wife Kendra was eight months pregnant.

For months he remained silent, until finally he denied the claims of ‘mutual masturbation’ and stated that when he went to buy marijuana from a random person he walked into a house where a transgender woman was nude and making out with another transgender woman.

Now I’ve seen most of the second season of this show and Gary can be a passive aggressive SOB, but I doubt that he would be as openly aggressive as Amber is.

She pursued and an undergraduate degree in political science later on. and worked in WJLA TV as a general assignment reporter.

She started her career in law as Associate in the Chicago Office of Law Firm. Then she applied for Fox news channel and hosted many programmers like Kelly's Court and America Live, Kelly File etc.


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