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I thought Don Dale was going to make me better, but I think it just made me tougher.I was on the streets and I was mad."The vulnerable witness, known only by the pseudonym AU, gave evidence to the Royal Commission into Youth Detention in the Northern Territory yesterday.In that time we have built up a solid base of wonderful and exciting regulars who our girls always look forward to talking to.



On his first day in Darwin's Don Dale Detention Centre he described being put in a back cell for hours and feeling "lonely and lost", being strip searched and feeling "bad and ashamed". About things to do."The notorious "back cells" of Don Dale were the worst. His strongest relationships were formed with the other detainees, who would "stick together", and with the "good guards".

If there are ways you can determine who exactly is making the comments, also document that.


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    Members can view other online members in the chat lobby and private message each other for fun and games!

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    It makes folder structure T-GAS6DEUC - By searching on T-GAS6DEUC, I also found 1 page from someone trying to hack his TV (Root it). ) possibility, might be USB flash is the wrong format and, although TV can see files, it's causing a problem.

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