Accomodating smokers on campuses

Smoking on campus Tobacco is widely used since decades ago.The Mayans had carved drawings of tobacco use between 600 and 900 A. During the 1800’s, the tobaccos had been used in several ways such as chewing, smoking through pipe, or hand-rolled.In this age of time, many places had banned smoking, making multiple smoke-free areas which I thought it shouldn’t be because people have the rights to smoke.I position myself in the argument that Iowa State University should not be a smoke-free campus and they should accommodate smokers by putting up certain rules or by changing its policy towards smoking on campus.Make the downtown library a model of ""best green practices! Make auto access not so easy - I don't want to subsidize more drivers in our downtown when we have such good public transit and a walkable community."" Also use ""self-check-outs and self-payment- stations"" in lobby and youth departments, for people to self-serve." Also, you didn't ask about "green" ness-I think Mallett's creek is cool(although too small) b/c so much of it is energy efficient. Otherwise, why not put it into more books and better salaries or hiring more staff? This building MUST be LEED certified to avoid the expense of another renovation a few years down the road when we can't afford 1930s style energy consumption. Hopefully it will be constructed with materials that would care for the environment.Atmosphere- The atmosphere of this historic pub stems largely from the unique nature of its layout and decor.


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