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Die mittlere kreisangehörige Stadt grenzt im Osten an Langenfeld, im Süden an Leverkusen, im Westen – getrennt durch den Rhein – an Köln und Dormagen sowie im Norden an Düsseldorf.We are an EU cohesion policy programme that encourages cooperation beyond borders.Second, perhaps less obviously, can Germany be kept inside the Western family of nations?The battle for a Europe whole and free is a battle over German Because Germany, Europe’s largest, strongest, and most centrally located nation, is not instinctively Western in its political traditions and leanings.This firm and credible perspective thus continues to drive our transformation and modernisation through political and economic reforms.The principle of "fundamentals first" continues to be at the core of our efforts in relation to the rule of law including security, fundamental rights, democratic institutions and public administration reform.


Read more Come to Berlin on 21 and 22 September and celebrate with us 20 years of transnational cooperation in central Europe!With a budget of 246m EUR we support public and private organisations to work together across central Europe.



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